PATERNA, Spain, July 17, 2018—Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE:ADM), Global Omnium and Aguas de Valencia are partnering to recover and protect the biological systems of wastewater treatment plants through a project called BACTIWATER. The 30-month-long project, which is funded by the European LIFE program, focuses on maintaining microbial balance in wastewater treatment plants and ensuring adequate treatment of wastewater before it is released into the environment.

Wastewater treatment plants are a crucial component of keeping external water bodies safe. Part of their process involves a biological system including bacteria, fungi and archaea growing together in a complex environment, but if these microorganisms spill into a larger body mass, it could disturb the surrounding ecological equilibrium. In addition, some spills can severely disrupt a plant’s microbiological makeup, hindering its ability to correctly treat the wastewater, causing damage to the environment if this insufficiently treated water is then released.

As part of the BACTIWATER project, teams from ADM Biopolis will combine biotechnological approaches with ADM Lifesequencing’s next-generation DNA and microbiome-sequencing technology to identify the microorganisms present in the wastewater treatment plants managed by Global Omnium and Aguas de Valencia. With their deep expertise in fermentation and probiotic production, ADM Biopolis teams will then produce microorganisms needed for supplementation.

Ultimately, the aim of the project is to develop a bacterial enhancer that will help restore microbial balance in the treatment plant if it has been damaged following a spill. The team will also develop a DNA-based detection kit to quickly detect changes in bacterial composition in the plant, which can help restore balance and avoid the release of untreated water into larger water bodies. The project is aligned with the Council Directive 91/271/EEC objective: to protect the environment from the adverse effects of the wastewater discharges.

“By combining ADM Biopolis’ biotechnological expertise with ADM Lifesequencing’s high throughput DNA and mircobiome sequencing, this project helps build synergies within our robust R&D portfolio,” said Carles Palanca, technical development manager. “By developing biobased technology to help wastewater treatment plants recover faster from microbial imbalance following spills, we can help prevent further discharges of insufficiently treated water to the environment.”

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